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Keep your name, your brand, and your identity with the support of a national brand.

The Most Unique Network of Independently Owned Coworking Spaces

A collection of curated workspaces whose operators share a common commitment to quality.

The Mazzi Workplaces network is a group of independent coworking spaces that have joined together to improve their marketing and the efficiency of their operation. Our members benefit from shared resources but are not required to follow strict standards of a coworking franchise brand.

Mazzi Workplaces is the perfect affiliation model for the coworking owner who wants it all - independence with brand support.

It is no secret that coworking owners value their independence and take pride in their design style.  Mazzi Workplaces offers the best of both worlds.  Our members keep full control over their workspace while enjoying the marketing and operations support from our network.  They get national brand recognition without having to join a coworking franchise.



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We are ready to go, we just need you.  Be a pioneer in this new venture and help us prove that there is power in numbers.  Keep your branding, your name and your management style while enjoying the power of a nationwide brand.  Gain access to our list of top rated vendors and the discounts they offer the members of Mazzi Workplaces.  The longer you are a member, the more effective our marketing will become so help us help you.  Get national brand recognition without having to join a coworking franchise. - learn more

Digital Marketing

It is becoming harder and harder for independent coworking and shared office space providers to implement effective online marketing strategies that rank effectively on the major search engines.  By aligning with our national brand, you can improve your online presence in your own unique market.

There is power in numbers!  The larger the Mazzi brand becomes, the better opportunity we all have to optimize our search engine ranking.  Join Today

Support, Consulting, and Resources

As the coworking industry continues to explode, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with all of the available resources.  When you become a member of Mazzi Workplaces, you gain instant access to some of the best minds in the industry.  If you are new to the industry, you might not be aware of all of the resources available to you.  Let us help guide you to respected consultants, software, IT support, and marketing minds in the industry.  There is no need to join a coworking franchise just to gain access to great vendors.

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