Why Mazzi

Why Mazzi Workplaces

While the coworking industry continues to explode, this should be the best of times for the independent workspaces.  Instead, independent coworking spaces are experiencing marketing challenges with their online initiatives.  We understand that finding your way to the top of the search engines can be a nightmare; we are here to help you succeed.

The good thing is, not all consumers are looking for a cookie cutter workspace; they want something with its own unique style, management flexibility, and character.  We also understand that small businesses want to support other small businesses.  The consumer wants to find the local independently workspace, but it might not be that easy for them.

Based on the success of the hotel industry's soft brand concept, where independent hotels join together under one national brand, we have created Mazzi Workplaces.  With Mazzi, you get the support of a national brand and you, the independent operator, don't have to give up your personalized identity or pay large franchising fees.

At Mazzi, you pay one low monthly rate.  You will get placement on the Mazzi website with links back to your own website; everyone wins.  The larger the Mazzi network becomes, the more authority the website will have.  Regardless of the number of hits back to your website or leads you get, the price remains constant.

Key Benefits of Mazzi Workplaces

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Marketing - Search Engine Ranking

It is becoming harder and harder for the independent coworking and shared office providers to implement solid marketing strategies that can effectively rank on the major search engines.  By following the hotel's soft brand model and coming together under one national brand, you have an opportunity to improve your presence in your own unique market.

Mazzi Workplaces is the perfect affiliation model for the coworking owner that wants it all - independence with a major brand recognition.

Once you are listed on the Mazzi website, our SEO team will optimize your page to rank in your specific market.  And the best part is, all links and contact information go directly to you.  Don't let a third party manage your leads and represent you.  No one knows your location better than you.

Visit the Mazzi website to see how your company will be represented.

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Business Support

If you're finding that there are not enough hours in the day, or you are struggling to find the perfect support solutions, look no further.

Having been in the industry since 1994, we have gotten to know who the premier consultants and vendors are.  While Mazzi is supporting your marketing efforts, we have also put together a fantastic on demand support team for you.  Through Mazzi, you can step back and let some of the best in the industry give as little or as much support as you want.

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Why Mazzi Workplaces?

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