How Mazzi Works

How Mazzi Works

Learn how easy it is to align with the fastest growing name in coworking - without giving up your own brand and identity.

Getting Started with Mazzi Workplaces

Follow these easy steps and we will do the rest.


Arrange a time to chat with us about your workspace.

We are searching for likeminded workspace professionals to add to our network.  It is important that all members bring their unique style to Mazzi, while staying true to a common core of values.  We are searching for members that offer an amazing customer experience, contemporary technology and a positive vibe.  Contact us

Once we agree that our goals align, the onboarding process begins.

Tell us everything about your workspace, don't leave anything out.  we created an easy onboarding form so you know exactly what we are looking for.  Review this first, so you can start collecting everything we need to make your page look amazing.  Please give us great photos; this is going to be the best representation of your workspace. If you need a little help, our photography vendor can make your good photos look amazing.  If you really want to shine, I can put you in contact with our copywriter.  All you need to do is write the basics and Cassie will bring your content to life.


With your content, we create your full page on our website.

Using the content you provide, we will create a stunning full page on the Mazzi website for your location website.

We have have created a template that will highlight everything that is great about you.  But, if you want to say a little more, our web designer can help give your page that extra special touch.  View a sample page

Our SEO team will review your page.

Once your page is finished, our SEO team will put the finishing touches on it.  They will review your specific market and make sure that the page is optimized with keywords that are specific to your market.  Your input is valuable to this process so please make us aware of the things you want to optimize for.  I will work with our team to make sure your page is set dressed for success.


You place our logo on your website.

We will provide you with our logo to put on your home page or in your footer.  The logo will be linked back to the Mazzi Workplaces home page. This link will be a big part in helping our network rank successfully which helps your site rank higher in your market.

A Mazzi Workplace Logo

Access our support team and the discounts they offer Mazzi members.

Mazzi is more than just a marketing platform.  Since 1994, we have been working with some of the best vendors in the business.  If you are looking for the perfect support team, we have curated an amazing collection of the industry's best.  Take a look at our list of vendors and the exclusive discounts they offer the Mazzi network.

We also work with some great gig workers.  If you need to create an amazing logo or have your photos edited, we are here for you.

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All leads go directly to your team.

No one knows your workspace better than you so we have created a system that removes the Mazzi team from your sales process.  We believe that this is one of the biggest advantages of our network.  You can interact directly with the prospect and respond to them with the perfect solution.  You no longer need to worry about how the broker is representing your business.

Learn More About The Process

We understand that this is a big step for you and your workplace.  Contact us today so we can answer all your questions.