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Live Call Answering Service

by PROS - a division of Workspace Strategies

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PROS, Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, is a division of Workspace Strategies . With over 20 years of shared workspace experience, Karen Condi, President of Workspace Strategies, knew that she needed to create a professional way for her clients to have their phones answered by a professional operator.  In most cases, the workspace is reliant on the receptionist to answer the calls, which can make for unpleasant interaction with the caller. Karen understood that it is cost prohibitive for a workspace to hire dedicated operators, so she created PROS; a call center dedicated to the coworking industry.  More than anyone else, they understand the unique demands on a workspace so they were able to create a business model that offers the best solution.

A Special Offer From The PROS

All Mazzi Members will receive a free set-up when they start with The PROS.

*Up to a $1,000 value

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Why It Works...

For years, we relied on our reception staff to juggle the flow of our lobby, while at the same time, answering the inbound calls of our clients. Because of the inconsistency of the traffic and the calls, RGBC was not providing the quality of service we promised our clients. By utilizing the PROS team, our calls are answered in a controlled environment by a professionally managed team, giving our reception staff the ability to tend to our clients in a less stressful environment.

Key Features:

  • Wholesale model that can be easily white labeled for re-sell purposes
  • Professionally staffed and managed
  • Allows your staff the flexibility to walk away from the phone
  • Advanced redundant technology
  • Bilingual Receptionist
  • Available extended business hours allowing you to sell services
  • outside your business hours.

With the PROS on your team, you can:

  • Offer a revenue stream without having to manage the details
  • Obtain monthly reports to bill clients for excessive use
  • Unlimited capability to scale up your call answering services
  • Upsell enhanced reception services
  • Better utilize your in-house staff resources and time
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Their vast array of services is designed to serve not only your members, but the call flow of your workspace as well.

Whether your member's needs are standard or require custom planning, the PROS have developed a wide array of services that will not only benefit your clients, but also the needs of your own operation. If you have a special requirement that is not listed below, call our team today for a consultation. We can customize a plan that will meet your specific requirements.


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