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Color Correcting Your Photos - Before and After

Learn how to photograph your coworking space - Before


This is what you get when you walk into an office with your iPhone, then point and shoot.  Technically, you can see all the features off the office, but the it's dark and lacks excitement.

Learn how to photograph your coworking space - After


Here, you can see the true colors of the office.  The photograph is bright and vivid.  See how the Aeron chair now stands out, the carpet is crisp, the walls are the true color.  And, you don't need to waste time adding details to the office when software can do it for you.  Notice the lamp and photo on the wall.  We added a blue sky which helps make the office more appealing.  These details prove that you are detail oriented. You can also that I took some time to round the edges and put a glow behind the photo.  This is a personal preference but I think it helps show attention to detail.

Photography tips to make your coworking space shine

Next Level

This office has an amazing view of St. Patrick's Cathedral, but it is difficult to capture it in the photo.  Look at the after photo, now look at this one.  I went up to the window and took a picture, then edited the original photograph.  This really helps highlight the view.

We also took a little extra time to stage the office.  If you don't have time to hang photos and place personal items on the desks, we can have these items edited in.

Last, cropping does make a difference.  If you look at the before photo, there is too much ceiling.  Unless you have an architecturally appealing ceiling, you should consider cropping it back a bit.


It has been said that video is king.  But if you are going to do it, you want to do it right.  Consult your SEO specialist when it comes to placement.  Should your video go directly onto your website or should you create a YouTube account and place the link on your site?  Mazzi can help you create beautiful content.

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Hide all wiring.  Extension cords, power cords, ethernet, they all need to go.

Wait for proper lighting.  Don't shoot into the sun.  If your amazing view is getting ruined by the sun, wait for it to move infront of your subject so it highlights it.

Hold your camera about waist height and shoot straight out.  This angle is far more appealing.

Study the photo after you shoot it.  You will probably want to crop out some of the ceiling or floor.

Color correct the photo.  Don't just point and shoot.  You will be amazed what a little touch up can do.

Don't just shoot from one angle.  Stand in different parts of the room and hold the camera at different levels.  What looks appeal to the eye will be different in the photo.

If you don't like the photo that you took, STOP!  Go back and do it again.  Don't settle.  The photos are the most important part of your marketing.

If you are not comfortable, hire someone.  This will definately make a difference.  It will be well worth the expense.

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